As a Member of the FPV Wing Racing Association, I hereby commit:

I will conduct myself in a mature, respectful, and positive manner at all FPVWRA events.

I will abide by the decisions made and guidance provided by the FPVWRA.

I understand that affiliate organizations will be decided upon by the members of the FPVWRA and that it is intended for all competent organizations to be included in the FPVWRA.

I understand that all affiliate organizations are responsible for promoting and applying the rules and regulations of the FPVWRA, and it is my responsibility as a member to assure these standards are upheld.

I understand that currently the dues for membership in the FPVWRA are $0.

I understand that the FPVWRA is a self funded initiative with no intent of financial gain by any individual officer, member or related organization.

The FPVWRA is a startup organization with the intention to organize and promote FPV Wing racing in a safe and orderly fashion. The FPVWRA is made up of an assembly of FPV pilots. Some are racers, some are organizers. All are obsessed with FPV wings.