Chapter Information

While we work on making the Chapter search and registration buttons function properly, please feel free to email Marc Ashton ( for details on how to become recognized as an FPVWRA Chapter.

2018 Chapter Requirements and Rewards:

FPVWRA finds its roots in pilots just like you! We are proud you are interested in becoming an FPVWRA Chapter and are excited to work with you towards making the Sport of FPV Wing Racing prosper and grow. Our Chapter system is progression based, as such the further you progress through the Chapter Levels the more track support your Chapter will receive.


  1. Platinum must meet all of Gold.
  2. Platinum must have 75 or more active members
  3. Platinum must run 2 events per 30 days (Excluded in winter months). 1 event must be an FPVWRA/LiveTime recorded race, the other may be an event of the Chapter Organizer’s choice, ie. Fun Fly, Build Day or race.


  1. Gold must meet all of Silver.
  2. Gold must have 40 or more active members.
  3. Gold must run 2 FPVWRA/LiveTime recorded races per 60 days.


  1. Silver must have 20 or more active members.
  2. Silver must run 3 FPVWRA/LiveTime recorded races per 90 days and upload results.
  3. Silver must maintain an active FPVWRA/LiveTime subscription.


  1. Bronze must have 10 or more active members.
  2. Bronze will 3 FPVWRA/LiveTime recorded races per 120 days and upload results.
  3. Bronze must maintain an active FPVWRA/LiveTime subscription. (LiveTime is free for up to 10 pilot registrations per event)


  1. Affiliate does not meet any other minimum requirements.
  2. Affiliate will not stay in this status more than 120 days
  3. Affiliate will run 2 races per 90 days.

  *** We are still working on a final definition of “Active members”.  As of now, it means number of members actually participating in Chapter events. If you have 20 members and only 12 are actively participating in chapter events you will not qualify for Silver Level, but will remain at Bronze.


Chapters will receive the following:


o   Everything in Gold (if not already Gold Level Chapter) plus

o   FPVWRA/Sponsor LARGE Air gate with chapter logo


o   Everything in Silver (if not already Silver Level Chapter) plus

o   8 Flags (4 FPVWRA, 4 Sponsor)

o   10 FPVWRA t-shirts


o   Everything in Bronze (if not already Bronze Level Chapter) plus

o   5 flags (2 FPVWRA, 3 Sponsor)

o   5 additional FPVWRA SpecWings (Manufacturer will be based on availability)


o   Everything in Affiliate

o   2 FPVWRA Chapter Organizer t-shirts

o   5 FPVWRA SpecWings (Manufacturer will be based on availability)


o   FPVWRA current rulebook

o   Templates of airfoils (if required for tech inspections and available at time of recognition as Affiliate Chapter)

o   FPVWRA LiveTime access

*This is a living document and may be updated or edited to reflect ongoing changes within the FPVWRA as an organization. All Chapters will be notified of changes when needed.

The FPVWRA is a startup organization with the intention to organize and promote FPV Wing racing in a safe and orderly fashion. The FPVWRA is made up of an assembly of FPV pilots. Some are racers, some are organizers. All are obsessed with FPV wings.