Hello and Welcome to the FPVWRA Organizers page.

Thank you for your support and collaboration. We appreciate the chance to work with all of the fine organizers who parallel the FPVWRA in our mission to promote and organize FPV wing racing events. Please review the FPVWRA Organizers statement below, and if you would like to participate in FPVWRA sanctioned meets, then please apply below and become part of the FPVWRA network.


As an affiliate organizer of the FPVWRA, we commit to uphold the mission and values of the FPVWRA. Namely, to provide a safe, organized and structured wing race environment that will be enjoyable for the pilots and spectators alike. We will follow the rules and regulations set forth by the FPVWRA as published in this website. Affiliate Organizations are decided upon by the FPVWRA pilot community. We will have our site up and running soon so that all Organizers can register and help promote FPV wing racing with the FPVWRA!

Organizer registration will be open shortly

The FPVWRA is a startup organization with the intention to organize and promote FPV Wing racing in a safe and orderly fashion. The FPVWRA is made up of an assembly of FPV pilots. Some are racers, some are organizers. All are obsessed with FPV wings.